BALKAN SQUARE - public space landscape design
The aim of this proposal is to create an open public space which will be unified with the existing functional and morphological built environment. The design of this urban open space intents to address not only the requirements of the events of the Balkan Square, but also those of the local residents, by including recreation, walking and cycling areas and vegetation. The incorporated activities of the open space are grouped into three distinct units:
a. Open theatre - football stadium - public square - exhibition, b. Environmental education - playground - Open Care Centre for the Elderly - canteen, c. Underground and aboveground parking. In addition to the arrangement of the aforementioned activities, a research takes place as regards the transportation and traffic organization of the region. Given the land-use and transportation interactions, appropriate traffic control and transport measures are proposed: road network prioritization - traffic management, upgrading municipal public transport, bicycle network development, road and pedestrian safety interventions and parking facilities development. The designed urban open space, based on bioclimatic architecture principles and features, aims to provide a sustainable, comfortable, functional and aesthetically attractive area. This space, where social and cultural transactions will take place, attempts to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life and to the economic, social and environmental development of the region. status: open competition area: 253.500 m²
location: Neapoli Sykies Thessaloniki - Greece
team: Marietta Varnava, Meni Gentimi, Chloi Saita, Sofia Psaltakou, Dimitris Pettas, Thanasis Tsianos, Angela Kopsacheili, Maria Mavroidi
year: 2012
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