NOUVELA BOOKSTORE - store interior design


EL EN The project aimed at designing a small, cozy, neighborhood bookstore / stationer’s shop. The design came along with a need for practicality and a desire for a shop with a "homey feeling", inviting customers to enter, wander around the books, sit down and leaf through. A plasterboard shelving system was designed to embrace & unify the existing bearing structure: the metal stair, the columns and the beams. The plain square geometry of this system, gave the store a clean-line, minimal style. Furnishing homey details were added: a big reading wing-armchair with a floor lamp, a vintage rug, an old dinning table filled up with books, retro schoolbook covers framed up in a gallery wall behind the counter's desk. Colors picked were simple shades of white & gray, combined with pale pastel greens and contrasting black chalkboard walls. status: proposal
area: 75 m²
location: Kifissia - Attica
team: μ. architects
year: 2015
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