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MELISSIA 1 - single family apartment interior design



EL EN The project concerns the third floor apartment of a building in Melissia - Attica. The design follows a contemporary style with warm pastel colors and shades of gray, in combination with a mix & match decoration. The living room is arranged around the existing fireplace, where marble benches are added to create new seating places. A barn-style door divides the dinning room from the study. Focusing on the view and the natural light from the windows, the office desk is placed along the length of the room under the window sills, making room for two people to work. The country - shaker style kitchen, the soft striped wallpaper of the bedroom, the retro small WC and the antique pieces of the living room, fit in the mix & match mood of the apartment. status: completed
area: 120 m²
location: Melissia - Attica team: μ. architects
photography: astygraph - Dimitris Dalaklis
year: 2014
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