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MELISSIA 2 - single family apartment renovation



EL EN Although the second apartment in Melissia has the same layout arrangement, it follows a different style of decoration close to shabby chic, with art deco shapes and industrial details. The living room is renovated and the fireplace gains more space with strong lines. A plaster molding runs on the walls and a curved opening with a contemporary metal door divides the living room from the study. The design of the study has the same objective in both apartments, that of focusing on the view and the natural light from the windows. The desk is divided into two levels with chairs and stools, with a deep teal wall as a background. The kitchen has a vintage style with a classic linear absorber, chessboard like tiles to the walls and motif tiles to the floor. All spaces are colored in earthy tones with bronze details and heavy fabrics, that fit in the sophisticated classic style of this residence. status: under construction
area: 120 m²
location: Melissia - Attica team: μ. architects
year: 2014 -
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