NEA IONIA - single family residence architectural design


EL EN The project is about the architectural design of a residence with a working space in Nea Ionia, Attica, Greece. The house divides in three levels. The main entrance is on the second level, where the living spaces are located: the double height living-room, the dinning room and the kitchen. The home office is also placed here, directly connected to the rest of the house, but still having a separate entrance to ensure the professional privacy needed. The master bedroom is on the upper level loft, with a linear corridor overlooking the living-room below, ending up to a balcony. The rest of the bedrooms are at the ground-floor level, having their own, independent, small living space. The ground-floor opens up to the southern outdoor space with a pool, as well as to a smaller, private, enclosed northern courtyard. The large openings and the façade geometry, have a direct reference to the modern movement’s architecture. The ground floor facades, coated with white plaster, construct a base for the main volume of the house forming a cube of exposed concrete. The external staircase that leads to the kitchen balcony, creates a dynamic, linear, white element that "pierces" the volume of gray concrete. status: study, academic - NTUA
area: 250 m² location: Nea Ionia - Attica team: Meni Gentimi, Eleni Kavallari
year: 2003
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