PLAKA thesis Research – Creation – Action: a music space in Plaka
Plaka is the old historical neighborhood of Athens located on the northeast slope of the Acropolis. Its uniqueness consists in a combination of cultural heritage, modern urban characteristics and classical architecture. The 1.954 m² plot is located in the upper side of Plaka. It includes two abandoned buildings of different architectural style: a building of the Neoclassical movement and one of Greek folk architecture, whose construction period dates between 1925-1945. After studying the characteristics of the surroundings, a proposal was made concerning: the restoration and the reuse of these existing buildings, the redevelopment of the open space between them, and the redesign of the public space over Tripodon street. The activity proposed is related to music, i.e. research, creation and performance public areas, linked with each other and with the neighborhood. Thus, the fence is removed to enhance the public character of the concept. The main pathway is a steep, transversal stairway, that gives the impression of a path leading to the Acropolis. Concerning the buildings, the initial synthetic ideas are founded in the forms that appear, after the removal of their altered - by the pass of time - parts. Therefore in both buildings, the only elements retained are the stone walls that have not undergone major damages, and new constructions were designed which would not offend aesthetically and statically the existing envelopes. In the neoclassical building, a new structure is built within the stone walls, made of steel and glass, statically independent and with its own envelope.
The information area grows linearly and passes through the folk style building, resulting in a small temporary exhibition space.
Due to the fact that the musical scene requires larger volume compared to the one that is offered by the remaining space, an excavated structure is designed, to take advantage of the level difference, to retain the size of the open space, while respecting the small building scale of the area. Its roof is in the same level with Tripodon street and is linked to the center of the premise with wide seating tiers. Specific materials are used, distinct from those of the existing buildings, which range depending on the purposed activity. status: thesis, academic - NTUA
area: 1.954 m² location: Plaka, Athens team: Marietta Varnava, Nota Georgelou
year: 2008
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