SUSTAINABLE SKYSCRAPER - skyscraper sustainable design


EL EN This academic project aims at the design of a sustainable tall building in Blackfriars site in Central London, that involves 160 flats, commercial sector and offices. Targeting initially in the inception of the building envelope, a flowchart has been developed presenting the environmental, climatic and cultural considerations. The performance of the design has been evaluated in flat and floor level, in terms of energy consumption, daylight availability and natural ventilation. The final proposal compared to the energy benchmarks for residential buildings, meet the requirements efficiently resulting in a credible solution. This project led to a proposition to continue further studies in MArch in Sustainable Tall Buildings in the University of Nottingham and to include the flowchart as a planning scheme to follow, in order to design a sustainable residential tower. status: study, academic - Cardiff University WSA, UK
area: 4.680 m² total allowed built area: 23.400 m²
coverage: 3.500 m²
location: London United Kingdom
team: Marietta Varnava, Vasiliki Bouziaka
year: 2010-2011
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